We're looking to improve access to justice for Victorians with an everyday legal problem or dispute.

Access to justice can mean many things. We mean making it easier for people to resolve their disputes.

We want to ensure that the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community receive the support they need when engaging with the law and the justice system.

About the review

Topics in the review include:

  • entry points into the legal system, for example availability of accessible legal information
  • options for diverting people from civil litigation (where appropriate)
  • availability of alternative dispute resolution
  • provision and distribution of pro bono legal services
  • availability and distribution of funding amongst legal assistance providers
  • potential reform of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal's small claims jurisdiction
  • options for providing better support to self-represented litigants in all Victorian court jurisdictions.

The full terms of reference for the review, issued by the Attorney-General Martin Pakula, are available on this website.

As part of the consultation to inform the Review, the department called for public submissions; and conducted surveys for people who represent themselves in court, for lawyers who volunteer to do some legal work for free, and for non-legal community service providers. The call for submissions and the surveys have now closed. We thank participants for their input to the review.

The department will report on the results of this consultation in its report to the Attorney-General about the review. The department is due to report to the Attorney-General by 22 August 2016.

What other people have said

Formal submissions based on the Terms of Reference were due on 22 February 2016. Submissions received by the department are displayed below.